Acid Neutralizers

The acid neutralizer system will passively treat all the water used in your home. The equipment will be placed in close proximity to the water pressure tank in your basement. After leaving the pressure tank, the water will first enter the control valve on top of the acid-neutralizing filter and be dispersed into the top of the unit where it will then pass through a granular bed of crushed limestone. As the water passes through the crushed limestone the acidic water will dissolve a small portion of the media and thereby elevate the pH to the neutral range. The fine clay sediment present in most of our ground water supplies will also be filtered from the water as it passes through the media. If the water were permitted to flow through the unit continuously in the same direction, the granular media would become compacted (not to mention dirty). If the media were to become compacted, the water would choose the path of least resistance through the unit which would probably be down along the smooth interior shell of the fiberglass cylinder and then upward through the distributor that returns the water to the control valve for redirection to your home. To combat this, the neutralizer will periodically (normally every three days at midnight) “backwash.” During this process, the flow of water into the unit will be redirected so that the water will enter the control valve, proceed down the distributor tube to the bottom and then force its way upward through the media bed. The media is actually lifted up in a rather turbulent manner and the accumulated debris is discharged to a drain that will be directed into the septic system of your home. After the backwash cycle is complete, the unit will “rinse” the bed by, again, directing the water to enter the top of the unit, make its way downward through the media bed and then be directed out the drain line. This function is performed to resettle the bed before placing the unit back into the “normal service” mode.

Once the water leaves the acid-neutralizing filter, the hardness level will have been elevated as a natural consequence of elevating the pH to neutral.


Maintenance of the system is straightforward. The acid neutralizer should be serviced on a yearly basis. We will send a postcard reminder approximately eleven months from the date of installation or subsequent service asking you to call and schedule a time for the service tech to stop by. The service involves backwashing the unit thoroughly using compressed air and replenishing the neutralizing media, which has been dissolved in the process of elevating the pH of the water to neutral. Approximate annual maintenance for the neutralizer is in the $220.00 - $250.00 range dependent upon how much mineral is required to refill the unit. The unit will hold 3.25 cubic feet of mineral. The “ballpark figure” is that the amount of water your family consumes during the course of a year will dissolve one cubic foot of the mineral. Consequently, the more water consumed, the greater the amount of media, which will be dissolved. Every six or eight years (depending upon the amount of water used) the unit should be removed, emptied completely and then refilled with fresh media. This “dump and refill" costs approximately $750 today.


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